BMEG 4243/5313 Advanced Biomaterials (Spring): This course focuses on the advanced quantitative study of biomaterials and their interactions with human tissues and cells. Topics include: biocompatibility, biofouling, hemocompatibility, wound healing response, biodegradation and controlled release, analysis of hydrogel behavior, nanomechanics of biomaterials; design of orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular implants, and the regulation of devices and materials by the FDA.

BMEG 4213/5213 Tissue Mechanics (Fall): The purpose of this course is to introduce students to biomechanics at different length scales. Topics covered: Tissue mechanics: continuum biomechanics, tensor analysis, kinematics of continua, balance laws. Governing physics of mechanics as applied to soft tissues. Constitutive relations for tissues: linear elastic, hyperelastic, viscoelastic. Cell mechanics: Intro to cell biology and biochemistry. Energy and entropy for different cellular units: biopolymers (microtubules, actin, intermediate filaments, biomembranes). Mechanotransduction of load through cell and matrix. Influence of load, pressure, stress, strain on cell shape and integrity. Measuring cell and tissue properties experimentally.