Welcome to the Mechanobiology and Soft Materials Laboratory (MSML).

Our laboratory investigates the role of mechanical forces on physiology, function and disease. In particular, we are interested in understanding the interaction between structure and mechanics in regulating biological responses at different length-scales.

We employ micro- and nano-fabrication tools to recreate the cellular and tissue environment in the laboratory. We also utilize live imaging, cell/tissue mechanics and tissue engineering techniques to understand several cardiovascular bioengineering problems including cardiac valve calcification, valve fusion and blood-brain barrier dysfunction. Knowledge gained from these studies will help guide the development of medical interventions and regenerative therapies.

Interested in Graduate or Postdoctoral positions?  Please send an inquiry to Dr. Balachandran with a CV (including standardized test scores, research experience and publication list).

2017 BMEG Summer Camp

We successfully completed our 2017 BMEG Summer Camp for high-school students. We had 19 students participate this year! This outreach effort was supported by the NSF (CMMI 1404716 and 1452943).